Feiling, Tom

Tom Feiling
3 June 2004Comment

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velezhas used all the means at his disposal to ensure that the truth about his links to paramilitary death squads and the drugs cartels remains hidden. Tom Feiling from campaign group Justice for Colombia reports.

Colombia's president Alvaro Uribe Velez is, by his own admission, a man of the right. Unlike most recent Colombian Presidents, Uribe is from the land-owning class. He inherited huge swathes of cattle ranching land from his father Alberto Uribe Velez, himself subject to an extradition warrant to face charges of drug trafficking in the USA, until he was killed, allegedly by left-wing FARC guerrillas, in 1983. Uribe Jnr grew up with the children of Fabio Ochoa, three of whom were to become…