Pfluger, Tobias

Pfluger, Tobias

Tobias Pfluger

3 December 2003Comment

In July 2003, the European Convention presented a draft European Union Constitution, consisting of 260 pages, divided into four chapters, plus several appendices and additional agreements which will also have constitutional status. While this constitution puts all the different EU treaties (with the exception of Euratom) into one huge document, that's not all it is.

Even the European Commission had to admit that it “completely rewrites the originals”, as far as foreign actions and…

1 June 2002Feature

Tobias Pfluger discusses some of the inherent tensions between the wider peace movement and those who identify as antimilitarist.

As in other European countries, a new peace and anti-war movement emerged in Germany after the brutal terror attacks on New York and Washington and particularly after the start of the war on Afghanistan by US troops, supported by the British military, in October 2001.

And after the German government joined the war and provided troops, the activities of the anti-war and peace movement became a bit stronger again .

Reformism or opposing the system?

Most peace and anti-war groups…