Drennan, Rona

Rona Drennan
1 November 2011Feature

After recently reading Flat Earth News by Nick Davies about “churnalism”, distortion and propaganda in the global media, I thought hard about choosing the “Getting the most from the mainstream media” workshop at the Rebellious Media Conference, among all the opportunities at the RMC for learning about new (to me) ways of communicating for activists. As an anti-war activist not based in London, I feel that the local press and broadcasters still provide ways of getting the message out beyond…

3 July 2007Comment

A view from the crest of the wave

This was an interesting assignment as my local group Hastings Against War just found a volunteer website maker to update our web page and needed to clarify what we wanted changed. We felt that an easy-to-remember domain address, an uncluttered home page with up-to-date contact information and notes on how to join in our events would help recruit new supporters, especially young people. So how have some other local groups fared with web sites? Bangor Peace and Justice…

3 July 2007Comment

“Our aim is to support activists in educating themselves in the issues which confront those struggling for peace and justice”.

Based in Brighton, the site is a worldwide news compilation service with the latest breaking news, archives and information sheets. This is an invaluable time-saving service for activists. Let these people do the trawling for you! Admittedly you are relying on their choice, but it would be hard to fault them so far: for example follow the Haditha hearings…