Weyler, Rex

Weyler, Rex

Rex Weyler

3 December 2004Comment

In October PN met up with former Greenpeace director Rex Weyler while he was in Britain promoting his new history of the international campaign organisation. Tensions in tactics, the need to put the "peace" back into organisation's campaigns focus, and the importance of learning from our own histories, all got an airing.

PN: So, tell us a little bit about this book... how it came about, why you decided to do it now

Rex: I wanted to leave a good record of what happened cos I felt that the existing record was spotty and not particularly correct historically... I just wanted to leave a better record.

Myself, I'm a journalist, throughout my career in Greenpeace in the 1970s, I was also a journalist. I'm still a journalist and - I approached the story as I would approach it as a journalist and as an…