Nias, Peter

Nias, Peter

Peter Nias

1 September 2013Feature

Peter Nias explores some forgotten peace initiatives from a century ago

While the world was aggressively preparing for the First World War between 1900 and 1914, many people and organisations in Britain and Europe were boldly campaigning for peace. This is not generally remembered because that war destroyed so much, even the memory that many people had tried to stop it happening.

So amongst the military and political pressures of preparing for war, with its Boer War inadequacies, Dreadnought battleship-building, Baden Powell boy-scouting and much more,…

1 March 2007News

A new exhibition by the Peace Museum in Bradford, which challenges existing thinking, has been opened in the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Entitled Farewell to Arms?, it is the result of the two museums working together. The Armouries - a national museum showing swords, guns and armour in history - wanted to go beyond the display of weapons of war. The Peace Museum in Bradford wanted to take the opportunity of challenging a wider audience on the place of such weapons in the world. The…