Rainbow, Panda

Rainbow, Panda

Panda Rainbow

1 July 2006News

Around 25 citizen weapons inspectors, recruited by the Yeovil, Sherborne and Area Stop the War Coalition, converged on RNAS Yeovilton, the Fleet Air Arm's principal base, on 1 July.

They were looking for evidence that depleted uranium shells and bullets or cluster shells were stored there. They also wanted to find out whether the navy is still carrying out training exercises using freefall nuclear bombs, and if so, why they would carry out these exercises unless there are plans to…

1 March 2005News

On 15 February, Yeovil, Sherborne and Area Stop the War Coalition held a peaceful demonstration at RNAS (Royal Naval Air Station) Yeovilton in Somerset in protest at the continued occupation of Iraq.

The group handed leaflets to military and civilian workers about the Military Families Against the War campaign to bring the troops home. Although they were observed by MoD Police on the gate, a considerable number of incoming workers took leaflets. One worker said “I don't need one, I…