Finkelstein, Norman

Finkelstein, Norman

Norman Finkelstein

11 December 2020Feature

A response to the decision by Facebook and Twitter to ban Holocaust denial

It would make a mockery of truth and academic freedom (it is said) if a university granted Holocaust deniers a platform. But, to begin with, it’s not obvious what exactly is being denied.

Does the Nazi holocaust denote the extermination of European Jewry or all categories of people systematically put to and slated for death? If only Jews, then why? If the criterion is quantitative – fully five-to-six million Jews perished – why then does the Nazi holocaust enjoy a privileged status,…

1 June 2016Feature

Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein talks about Naz Shah, Ken Livingstone, and the Nazi Holocaust

Norman Finkelstein is no stranger to controversy. He is one of the world’s leading experts on the Israel-Palestine conflict and the political legacy of the Nazi Holocaust. Apart from his parents, every member of Finkelstein’s family, on both sides, was exterminated in the Nazi Holocaust.

His 2000 book, The Holocaust Industry became an international bestseller and touched off a firestorm of debate. But Finkelstein’s most recent political intervention came about by…

17 March 2014Feature

US analyst Norman Finkelstein argues that the US-led peace process is about to impose Israel’s demands on the Palestinians

The village of Ein Hiljeh in the Jordan Valley was
reoccupied by Palestinian activists on 31 January.
Photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Active Stills

The Middle East ‘peace’ negotiations being led by US secretary of state John Kerry will (unless there is significant resistance in Palestine itself) shortly demolish the international consensus on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and impose a devastating ‘framework agreement’ that will turn the…