Rogers, Linda

Linda Rogers
26 September 2012Cartoon

13 August 2011Feature

Greg Muttitt’s presentation about the politics of Iraqi oil at the Peace Festival produced both righteous anger and inspiration.
The Iraqi people are embroiled in an intense struggle against the privatisation of oil reserves and production. The fight put up by trade unionists and the Iraqi people to maintain ownership of their oil has so far been a surprising success and a cause for hope.
A law banning trade unions, which dates back to the days of Saddam Hussein, has never…

13 August 2011Feature

On 15 February 2003, over one million people marched against the Iraq war in London. This amazing total was the result of hard work by thousands of local organisers. Here is one story from Bangor, north Wales.

The phone never stopped ringing. There were coaches to be booked, of course, but many callers simply wished to talk, to share their feelings and concerns and to discuss this rush to war in Iraq. Even ex-servicemen called in to express their support.

February 2003 was a remarkable period in British political history, when progressive public opinion was raw, even desperate, and contempt for UK and US government policies was at an unprecedented level.

Labour’s drive to an illegal…