Cutillas, Jes

Cutillas, Jes

Jes Cutillas

13 August 2011Feature

Spanish activist collective, Murcia Canción de Autor, produce "homage" CDs to well-known political artists and engage in public performances. Roberta Bacic talked with Jesús Cutillas.

Roberta: Tell us a bit about your group, what you do and why you do it

Jesus: Our association, “Murcia Canción de Autor” (Murcia Songwriters)wants to give each person who wants to sing in public a chance to do so. We share our songs and ideas about the world and music in general and, in particular, “cancio'n de autor”. Participating in the homage to Victor Jara CD has been a collaboration with the Itaca co-op, with which we have been doing similar “homages”. This year we decided to…