Linnell, Jenny

Linnell, Jenny

Jenny Linnell

1 June 2009Feature

Four months on from Israel’s brutal 22-day onslaught, Gazan farmers and fishermen are enduring daily assaults from the Israeli military despite a unilateral Israeli “ceasefire” since 18 January. Human rights observers from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) are accompanying farmers in border areas to the east of Khan Younis in southern Gaza, notably Abassan and Khoza’a.

The farmers are determined to access their land and harvest crops, in the face of routine fire from…

1 April 2009Feature

In the wake of so much loss, grief and destruction, it is sometimes difficult to imagine how Gaza will ever recover. This is compounded by the fact that despite Israel’s massive assault officially ending in January, the Israeli military continues to attack the strip almost daily. Most of the international journalists have left and the international community considers the war as being over, but Palestinian civilians are still being killed and injured on a regular basis. Fishermen and…

16 February 2009Feature

Khoza’a is a small rural community in the south of the Gaza Strip which endured a brutal incursion by Israeli ground forces on 13 January, indicative of so many attacks elsewhere in Gaza during the three weeks of “Operation Cast Lead”.

Heavy missile strikes preceded the ground offensive, which destroyed 50 homes and razed farmland. Homes with families inside them were attacked by military D-9 bulldozers .

A group of women and children carrying white flags attempted to leave…