Cohen-Joppa, Jack

Cohen-Joppa, Jack

Jack Cohen-Joppa

1 October 2010Feature

The Nuclear Resister marks 30 years of supporting imprisoned activists and reporting on anti-nuclear and anti-war resistance

Thirty years ago this October, the first issue of the Newsletter of the National No-Nukes Prison Support Collective (later renamed the Nuclear Resister) reported on just one anti-nuclear civil disobedience action – that of the Plowshares Eight.

On 9 September 1980, eight US activists made their way into a General Electric factory in Pennsylvania, where they hammered and poured blood on nuclear missile nose-cones. This action inspired a global movement, and scores of similar acts…

1 September 2010Feature

The Nuclear Resister and Nukewatch (US) mark their 30th birthdays

More than 200 people met in eastern Tennessee, USA, over the 4 July Independence Day weekend to advance the role of nonviolent direct action and civil resistance in the anti-nuclear movement. The Resistance for a Nuclear-Free Future gathering celebrated the thirtieth anniversaries of the Nuclear Resister, a chronicle of anti-nuclear and anti-war civil disobedience and peace prisoner support; and Nukewatch, a group active in public education and resistance.

Plenaries and…