Rugova, Igo

Rugova, Igo

Igo Rugova

3 June 2003Comment

In 1999, following ten years of repression by Serb authorities and ten weeks of NATO-led war, the United Nations began operating a civilian administration in Kosov@. Igo Rugova sends a message to the women of Iraq about the post-war challenges faced by local groups when the "internationals" arrive.

This article is being written as another war comes to an end, the war in Iraq. It is clear by now that the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein vanished under the heavy bombing of the American and British forces. Many rejoiced at the day when a government that persecuted and discriminated against its own people disappeared. The big question is what comes next.

To us as women's rights activists, the big concern is what will happen to women in a post-war Iraq. And, as women's groups that…