Steel, Helen

Steel, Helen

Helen Steel

1 December 2017Feature

Helen Steel on the free speech conflict at the 2017 Anarchist Bookfair

[Editorial note: In five articles ([1], [2], [3], [4],…

13 August 2011Feature

PN talks with Dave Morris and Helen Steel about sustaining long-term campaigns, making visible the links between different issues - and about the current struggle against corporate and state power, and for the freedom to protest.

On 16 October 1985 (international World Food Day), London Greenpeace -- an independent, anarchist/anti-militarist group originally set up in 1971 by people around Peace News -- launched an annual international day of action against "McDonald's and all they stand for."

The group's leaflets brought together criticisms of McDonald's business practices made by different movements in relation to the environment, workers' rights, cash crops and world trade, nutrition, advertising to…