Freeman, Emily

Freeman, Emily

Emily Freeman

13 August 2011Feature

During the Big Blockade of Faslane on 1 October 2007, Emily Freeman was arrested. Charged with breach of the peace, she was finally brought to trial in Helensburgh on 18 May 2008. Reflecting rather badly on police competence, the case was dropped due to lack of evidence. Here is an excerpt from Emily’s defence, which deserves a hearing:
Breach of the peace is defined as “conduct which does present as genuinely alarming and disturbing, in its context, to any reasonable person…

1 March 2010News

This May, parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will meet for a full review conference. International youth will be represented there through “Ban All Nukes Generation” (BANg). The youth will make a speech calling for Obama to earn his Nobel peace prize, and asking other world leaders to have the courage to act so that young people will not be left the legacy of nuclear weapons, which they had no hand in creating.

Young people everywhere are encouraged to contribute to…

1 December 2007News

The Chagos Islanders

The right of Chagos islanders to return to their homeland has been once again thwarted by the British government. On November 6th the government declared that it was going ahead with its decision to appeal to the House of Lords to seek clarification about the status of its overseas territories. The appeal will be heard in 2008.


The conflict in Darfur has escalated in recent months with civilians bearing the brunt of the violence.


1 October 2007News

In July, twenty European young people met to represent their nations at Faslane 365. Joining them at the blockade were twenty Japanese students from the Global University, a programme organised by the Japanese NGO Peace Boat.

Following the blockade, five of the young women from Europe joined the Global University on board Peace Boat, which makes four voyages each year. Naomi Proszynska (15) from Narberth, told her new-found Japanese friends, “The reason young people don't get…