Canfor-Dumas, Eddy

Canfor-Dumas, Eddy

Eddy Canfor-Dumas

3 April 2006Comment

Established in 2003, the Ministry for Peace (MfP) is "an organisation working for the creation of a Ministry for Peace within government". The case for this controversial - and to some minds positively counter-revolutionary - initiative is made here by the Chair of MfP, Eddy Canfor-Dumas.

In the UK we think education is important -- so we have a ministry for education. We think health and the environment are important -- so we have ministries for them. If we think peace is important, shouldn't we have a Ministry for Peace? A part of government dedicated to pursuing and promoting peace?

But what exactly would a Ministry for Peace do? Because isn't “peace” a woolly concept that can mean almost anything?

For many peace workers,though, its meaning is clear. To work…