Nosworthy, Colin

Nosworthy, Colin

Colin Nosworthy

1 April 2018News

Farmer calls for devolution of broadcasting powers to Wales

Young farmer and Aberystwyth student Elfed Wyn Jones ended his seven-day hunger strike for the devolution of broadcasting powers to Wales outside the Senedd in Cardiff on 27 February.

He presented a letter to the Welsh government ahead of a debate on the matter.

Elfed commented: ‘I genuinely think that this is a crucial question. If people don’t get the right facts about who is making decisions in their name, if they don’t understand how they’re governed, our young…

1 December 2009News

Early Christmas presents from Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, the Welsh Language Society, greeted Bangor shoppers when campaigners gave away free Boots “Advantage” cards in the town on 14 November. Turning Boots’ slogan on its head, the Welsh Language Society’s alternative loyalty cards read: “There are no points whatsoever for using Welsh.”

Boots was also surprised by new Welsh speaking employees, provided by Cymdeithas, who offered a bilingual service.

Chair of the…