Church, Christie

Church, Christie

Christie Church

13 August 2011Feature

Here we have tried to compile basic facts about each of the countries this issue focuses on. We have specifically included information about issues such as military service, the arms trade, refugees and human rights, all of which should be of particular interest to our readers.

NE Asian religions

North-East Asia is rich in spiritual currents, with Buddhist, Christian, Taosit, Confucian and shamanic traditions.

Confucianism Outside of the region little is known about…

1 March 2003News

The US navy recently completed its latest round of bombing exercises on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques.

 According to sources close to the manoeuvres, jets and warships launched more than 200,000 pounds of projectiles at Vieques between 13 January and 4 February. Residents of the island reported intense explosions and low overflights by jets. Residents claim that a number of projectiles missed their targets, landing in lagoons, beaches and in the ocean.

The navy recently promised to withdraw permanently from Vieques in May 2003. Their statement follows intense activism in Vieques, which…