Kaplan, Benjamin

Kaplan, Benjamin

Benjamin Kaplan

1 June 2018Feature

An interview with one of the anti-nuclear campaign's regional branches

We decided to celebrate the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s 60th anniversary with a profile of one of its regional branches. The Yorkshire CND office is in Bradford, opposite the university. One of the branch’s contributions to the peace movement is its fundraising ‘Day of Dance’, which in Saltaire this April had 30 workshops at the event’s 46th outing. Benjamin Kaplan (BK) interviewed Matt Fawcett (MF) of Yorkshire CND more generally, on behalf of PN.

BK: How did Yorkshire CND…

29 April 2018Blog

Celebrating CND's 60th anniversary with profiles of some of its offices around England, Scotland and Wales.

CND Cymru

CND Cymru is the center of the Welsh anti-nuclear movement. Before it was established in 1981, the Welsh branch of the CND was made up of a collection of smaller groups spread out across the region. This network of local associations shared a commitment to decreasing the significant role of nuclear power and nuclear proliferation in Wales through mass protest of local nuclear power plants and loud opposition to military campaigns. In the last…

1 April 2018News

Dublin and Berlin events to follow London launch

Peacebuilding ‘is about a longstanding partnership, not a series of one-off projects’, said Charlotte Morris, senior conflict adviser at the department for international development, on 21 March, at the launch of Building Peace Together, a new Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) resource book.

‘At its most effective, peacebuilding is a combination of historical knowledge, local expertise, and international experience,’ Morris added.

The launch, at…

1 February 2018News

US government review backs mini-nukes

A new, aggressive US nuclear posture review was released on 2 February. The review advises removing restrictions on the use of nuclear weapons, as well as the development of new low-yield, or tactical, warheads.

The US is looking to add a number of long-range weapons to its arsenal, with accompanying sea/air-based delivery systems. One is a modified Trident D5 submarine-launched missile that can be equipped with either a conventional or a low-yield nuclear warhead. These less-…

1 February 2018News

Activists from across world meet to share insights

Activists and curious members of the public gathered in the comfortable confines of Housmans Bookshop in central London on 5 February to discuss the indoctrination of young people into the military, and how to prevent it.

During the War Resisters’ International (WRI) forum, representatives from WRI-affiliated groups in Turkey, Finland, the Czech Republic and the UK shared their experiences in countering conscription, militarised culture, and media controlled by authoritarian…