1 December 2012Feature

A brief look at the UK's national network of radical housing co-ops.

Co-ops are not inherently revolutionary – they meet the needs of their members, whatever those needs might be. For those of us who consider ourselves revolutionary, co-ops are a good a vehicle in this capitalist world for creating stability, creating income, meeting the needs of ourselves & our communities and walking the walk of non-hierarchy, non-exploitation, collective action, self-reliance, common ownership and mutual aid.

Radical Routes is a federation of co-ops which serve…

13 August 2011Feature

On 27 February, a week-long Climate Camp gathering at Monkton Wyld decided to wind up the camp as we know it and make way for new forms of engagement

Towards the end of 2005, an assortment of environmentalists met to discuss squatting a field next to a big source of carbon emissions, in order to shut it down and kickstart more radical action on climate change. The Camp for Climate Action was born.

In February this year, a few of those people, with many others, met at Monkton Wyld in Dorset and decided not to hold a camp this year, and to freeze the ongoing process of the national climate camp.

Whether this marks a…

13 August 2011Feature

In a world of increasing regulation and control, deviance from established modes of behaviour are tolerated less and less. New ways are constantly being discovered by governments to discourage such behaviour. In addition to being regulated by governments, much of the broadcast community is controlled either directly or indirectly by a small group of people who use them to further their own agendas. Pirate radio is controlled neither by the government nor by special interests and so enjoys…

1 February 2006Feature

The Saving Iceland campaign began in 2003, when the Icelandic government bypassed a series of laws in order to allow the national power company, Landsvirkjun, to build a gigantic hydroelectric dam, now being constructed in the country's eastern highlands.

The National Planning Agency originally refused to grant permission to the first proposal in 2001 due to the irreversible negative environmental impact the dam would have. Incredibly, the then environment minister (whose only…