Wright, Ann

Wright, Ann

Ann Wright

13 August 2011Feature

PN: OK, so tell us a bit about your background -- how and why you got into the military and about your personal journey.

AW: Well I joined the military right after I graduated from college, mainly because I wanted

3 December 2006Comment

In November, former US army colonel and ex-diplomat Ann Wright visited the School of the Americas for the first time. Here she reflects on her experience.

I spoke for the first time at the School of the Americas Watch protest at Fort Benning, Georgia, on Saturday 27 November, 2006. As a US Army veteran with 29 years of active and reserve duty who retired as a Colonel, I felt tremendous emotions addressing over 20,000 protesters from a stage in front of the gates of a major US military installation.

We were there as witnesses to a history of involvement in torture by graduates of the US military's School of the Americas (SOA), now known…