Beckett, Andrew

Beckett, Andrew

Andrew Beckett

13 August 2011Feature

Pressure continues to mount on Brighton weapons-component manufacturers EDO MBM, as Brighton anti-war campaigners identified EDO as a key link in Israel's military machine. Andrew Beckett reports.

The recent Israeli onslaught on Gaza and Lebanon has been conducted with the help of weaponry made in Brighton. In the last months, Israel has engaged in an illegal assault on the civilian population of Gaza, and has invaded Lebanon killing hundreds of Lebanese civilians. These are war crimes under international and English Law. Israel could not carry out these acts without the support of foreign corporations. We aim to “bring the war back to the factory floor”.

Smash EDO regularly…

13 August 2011Feature

Peace News invited the Brighton anti-arms trade group Smash EDO to share thoughts on strategy, tactics and movement building.

The last two years have seen a remarkable development in a new peace movement – the local anti-militarism campaigns. Following a model developed in Brighton back in 2004, people across the country are beginning to focus on the arms dealers and weapons manufacturers in their own backyards.

Lacking a commitment to pacifism or legality, the methods and motives of these new campaigns have been questioned by the older, more established peace movement (not least the co-editor of this…

16 March 2006Feature

Campaigners against Brighton arms dealers EDO MBM gained two major court victories during February. Firstly in the magistrates' court - as a trial charging three activists with “illegal assembly” collapsed - and secondly in the High Court - as the injunction which created an exclusion zone outside the factory crumbled.

EDO MBM, who manufacture parts for the Paveway bomb system, the most-used guided munition in the air assault on Iraq, and unmanned combat air vehicles, much loved by…