Williams, Alun

Williams, Alun

Alun Williams

1 June 2011News

Welsh activists march against the cuts.

Ceredigion Against the Cuts march through
Aberystwyth. PHOTO: Alun Williams

Ceredigion Against the Cuts staged a successful rally in Aberystwyth on 7 May. Led by the local samba band, some 250 people marched through the town to a rally at the castle. Newly-elected assembly member Elin Jones was one of the speakers, alongside members of the PCS and Unison trade unions who had organised the rally together.

Other speakers included…

1 November 2007News

Aberystwyth Town Council, a town with a strong history of peace activism, particularly from Greens, Plaid Cymru and the Quakers, is in its fourth year of holding a white poppy ceremony recognising the non-combatants who die in wars.

The white poppy ceremony will be held at 11am on 10 November at the castle war memorial.

Relations with the British Legion, who the Town Council also supports, are thawing now our sincerity is being recognized, though they will not countenance a…