Hunt, Alice

Hunt, Alice

Alice Hunt

1 June 2004News

The International Peace Pilgrimage has arrived in Japan, signalling the final leg of the eight-month journey across Australia and Japan in protest at nuclear weaponry and uranium mining.

The hikers have trekked more than 2273 km since 10 December, from the uranium mining site at Roxby Downs, South Australia, through Port Augusta, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra, Australia's capital.

Along the way, the pilgrims visited people affected by the nuclear weapons industry. 124…

1 April 2004News

In late January, 28 peace activists were sentenced to a cumulative five years and ten and a half months in prison, five years probation, and US$8,500 in fines as a result of a nonviolent protest at the School of the Americas - now officially called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation - in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA.

Defendands process to court.

The protesters were arrested for trespassing after walking onto Fort Benning…