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Campaign against military drones

The second part of a PN investigation


Armed drones: war by remote control

The first of two articles on the rapidly-expanding use of military drone aircraft


Drone wars: UK week of action

Libya bombed by drones as activists call week of action against unmanned warfare.


Pakistani anti-drones sit-down blocks NATO’s supply route

On 23 April, thousands of Pakistanis, “led” by ex-cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan blocked the Khyber pass, the route for 70% of supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan.


Britain takes direct control of armed drones in Afghanistan

US drones continue to target Pakistan, despite opposition


Arms and the man

PN examines a new MoD report on the growing use of armed drones


Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Hustings: No young hopefuls

Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network got the election ball rolling in March, organising a peace and justice hustings in the Morlan Centre.

Testing death drones at Aberporth

The MoD Watchkeeper drone programme is beginning trials at ParcAberporth using the Israeli-built Hermes 450 UAV (“Unmanned Arial Vehicle”).