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Social Justice

Deptford United – You’re Invited

Reports from activists north and south of the river on the London riots and community responses


Where are the sociologists ?

John Linsie reflects on the media's simplistic response to the 2011 "riots".


Chartists spook banks on Halloween!

Supporters of the People Before Profit Charter (PBPC) held a protest on Queen Street in Cardiff on Halloween.

Where's our bail-out?

Anxieties and demands in connection to the financial crisis and the government’s so-called “recapitalisation” of the banks were voiced in Edinburgh on 24 October.

Reading the world

SY What do you do?

Marching for May Day

As the financial crisis continues to rage throughout the world, and unemployment rates climb ever higher, workers came together for this year’s May Day in a spirit of discontent rather tha

Counterpower - against poverty in Edinburgh

When Fred Goodwin’s house was vandalised on 25 March, the media portrayed this action against the former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland as political opposition to the financial crisis.

Campaign Profile: Workers' Climate Action

Founded in 2008, Workers’ Climate Action (WCA) is a direct action and solidarity network made up of socialists, anarchists and other class struggle activists involved in both the environme


I thought this would be a vox pop bit in Peace News but as it goes, I am beginning to feel weirder and weirder about walking around with a pen and a little notebook in my hand asking peopl