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Arms trade

End Britain's war in Yemen

Britain has sold £20bn of arms to Saudi Arabia since 2015


More PA action against Elbit

Campaigners shut down arms firm's British head office


Pouring more fuel on the fire

 UK to resume arming war in Yemen, despite pattern of Saudi war crimes


War in a time of covid

RAF planes resumed bombing Iraq on 10 April after a lull of nearly seven months, according to Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Anti-militarist Pride?

On 23 October, the organisers of the Pride in London parade launched a wide-ranging consultation on the future of the LGBT+ event.


A major arms fair has been cancelled in New Zealand.

It was announced on 30 September that the annual Defence, Industry, and National Security Forum would not be held in 2019.

Government breaks court order over Yemen

More licences granted for military equipment to Saudi-led coalition



Some of the most influential professional engineering and science organisations (PESOs) in the UK have promoted fossil fuel and arms companies to schoolchildren – without discussing the ethical iss

Money, money, money

The Metropolitan police more than doubled their spending on policing the protests against the DSEI arms fair in East London, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

Wales’ worst warmonger?

Gwynedd Council has £100m invested in arms, Freedom of Information Act request reveals