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People Power

True colours

Though I am one of the more prominent critics within the US academic left of US interventions and hegemonic aspirations, my research has found no evidence that the United States (nor any o

France May '68

The events of May ’68 began in the universities. At Nanterre (just outside Paris) and the Sorbonne, students had become increasingly vocal against the US war in Vietnam.

Matthew Collin, 'The Time of the Rebels'

Serpents Tail, 2007; ISBN 185242964X; 224pp; £12.99


Mark Kurlansky, 'Nonviolence: The History of a Dangerous Idea'

Vintage, 2007: ISBN 0099494124; 224pp; £7.99


We could have won

Recently, reading about Ukraine’s 2004 “Orange Revolution” – with its iconic tent-city occupation of Kiev’s Independence Square, the Maidan – my memory was sent hurtling back to the 2003 “

Power of nonviolence?

If there is power in nonviolence, what are its effects? How are we to assess the impact of nonviolent direct action (NVDA)?

Nepal one year on

The demonstrations had been going for a couple of days, and my middle class ass was feeling impatient to join "the masses" and engage in the united protests against over 230 years of medie

David Cortright, 'Gandhi and Beyond - Nonviolence for an Age of Terrorism'

Paradigm, 2006; ISBN 1 5945 1266 3; 280pp;£12.99


Unarmed resistance in Nepal

I was in Kathmandu on the eve of the final show down this April between the king and the huge and inspiring pro-democracy movement. And I wasn't sure if I wanted to be.

Rocking the boat

On 10 June, the fifth anniversary of UN Resolution 1244 establishing the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), protesters in Prishtina raised their red cards to tell UNMIK i