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Carlyle, Gabriel

30,000 = 0 says US

The US’s top commander in Iraq, general Raymond Odierno, has appeared to claim that all US forces will be out of Iraq by the end of 2011 (as required by the agreement signed by the US and Iraqi gov

US war resisters and UK soldiers' mother speak out against the wars

While US soldiers continue to resist deportation from Canada, the mother of two British soldiers serving in Afghanistan has spoken out against the war.

Mark Steel, 'What's Going On? The Meanderings of a Comic Mind in Confusion'

Simon and Schuster, 2008; ISBN 978-1847372819; 256pp; £12.99


We march on Gaza

Over 700 people from around the UK have now signed up to support the Gaza Freedom March.

Withdrawal from Iraq: US backtracks, UK presses on

The much-heralded US withdrawal from Iraq is turning out to be nothing of the kind.

Obama surges Afghanistan

According to the Washington Post, “the incoming [Obama] administration does not anticipate that the Iraq-like ‘surge’ of forces will significantly change the direction of a conflict that h

Howells scorns Afghanistan

On 10 December, the former minister Kim Howells, who was in charge of Afghanistan at the Foreign Office for over three years before he stepped down in October, spoke up in the House of Com

Norman G Finkelstein, 'Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History' (updated edition)

Verso, 2008; ISBN 9781844671496; 412pp; £9.99


US resister freed

James Burmeister, 23-year-old Iraq war resister, was freed from military prison on 28 October, over two months early.

Jim Stanford, 'Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism'

Pluto, 2008; ISBN 978 0745327501; 360pp; £12.99