Issue: 2572-2573

August 2014


Top Stories

War is not part and parcel of human nature

by Douglas P Fry

Powerful findings from several decades of Peace Anthropology

A summer of peace

by PN staff

First World War centenary key theme at this year's Camp

First peoples

by Gabriel Carlyle

Weapons, but no war, at the Natural History Museum's pre-history exhibition

The First World War was not a war for Belgium, it was a war for empire.


Behind the Iraqi crisis: the crushing of the nonviolent Sunni uprising

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai recovers the hidden background to the current crisis

Afghans pay price for US refusal to make peace

by Gabriel Carlyle

A sharp increase in civilian casualties in Afghanistan following the closure of some US/NATO bases suggests that ordinary Afghans are now paying the price for the US decision to block earlier peace initiatives.


by Gabriel Carlyle

As the UK sends five additional armed Reaper drones to Afghanistan, campaigners continue to challenge government secrecy surrounding British drone operations.


by PN staff

British activists head for Beirut

Palestinians continue nonviolent campaigns

by David Polden

83 hospitalised during hunger strike


Warhead convoy stopped


Faslane Peace Camp strikes again!

TP blockades bomb factory

by David Polden

Trident Ploughshares strikes again!

Women win legal victory over police spies cover-up

by PN staff

Judge order further disclosures by end of July


by PN staff

British activists head for Beirut

A Welsh memorial in Flanders

by Lotte Reimer

Killed soldiers remembered

Saying No to NATO

by Jill Gough

Actions planned against Newport summit

Crime reported in Llandrindod

by Angie Zelter

Nukes shopped to cops

Wales against fracking

by Kelvin Mason

Giant red dragon gathers signatures in Aberystwyth

Wool against weapons ‘trial runs’

by Lotte Reimer

Knitters prepare for nine-mile Aldermaston action


Centuries spent in West Philly

by Milan Rai

Training for Change’s powerful three-week ‘Super-T’ training for trainers

Going to the source

by Sue Smith, Denise Drake

An ongoing Quaker initiative to trace the roots of activist nonviolence training in the UK

Alice Wheeldon was a prophet

by Emily Johns, Gabriel Carlyle

Another story-poster from PN's 'The World is My Country' project

Why do we have peace studies?

by Rachel Julian

Exploring the relationship between peace studies and the peace movement: some thoughts to be discussed at PN Summer Camp

What is BASIC thinking?

by Paul Ingram

Exploring the reasoning behind the Trident Commission, and the benefits of the commission’s report


The personal column

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves confesses to extremism ...

The History Column

by Ann Kramer

Ann Kramer examines the Tribunal system for WW1 COs

Diary: To charge or not to charge

by Cornerstone Cath

How do you avoid the slippery slope of liberal excuses?

The power of legacies

by PN staff

Causes and codicils

53 years ago: Non-violent resistance to war and oppression

by Michael Scott

Michael Scott on the Committee of 100

Cartoons etc

Roouminations by Donald Rooum

Jill's Defence Weekly by Jill Gibbon