Issue: 2570-2571

June 2014


Top Stories

75 years ago: Fellowship of COs formed

by Albert Beale

Pacifists are now looking back 100 years to the start of the First World War, and at the lessons still to be learned by those who renounce war. Our predecessors, who were looking back from only 25 years’ distance, also digested the lessons of that earlier era, but with a greater sense of urgency.

Hedd Wyn: 1887-1917

by Ray Davies

In this centenary year of World War, everyone seems to be looking for stories from that conflict. One that encompasses the tragedy is the story of the Welsh poet Hedd Wyn.

Remembering conscientious objectors, 100 years on

by PN

On International Conscientious Objectors Day


Megaphone Mitch demystified

by Johanna Deeksha

Peace News investigates a London activist on whom suspicions have been cast....

Iraq war ‘promoted terrorism’

by Gabriel Carlyle

‘Far from reducing international terrorism... the 2003 invasion [of Iraq] had the effect of promoting it'

A surge of outrage against US drone wars

by David Polden

43 protesters arrested at spy HQ and air force bases in the US


Thank you!

by PN staff

Your responses to our social audit questionnaire

Organising against fracking

by Emily Masters

Peace News brings together environmental activists for a transatlantic round table

Yes to independence

by Pete Ramand, James Foley

Scottish independence could reinvigorate radical movements north and south of the border, and deal a blow to British imperialism

The never-ending ‘wake-up call’

by David Edwards, David Cromwell

The mainstream media and climate change


Any more arms fairs? Ding ding

by PN

At the London Transport Museum

Nant Llesg opencast coalmine protest

by PN

'Death of the valley'

Celebrate Howard

by Milan Rai

On 17 May, 100 friends and colleagues of the British pacifist author and activist Howard Clark gathered at a ceremony organised by Peace News Trustees in Conway Hall, London.


The defiant ones

by Marc Hudson

Another staggering work of heart-breaking genius – about activists and academics

the street of the poet Al-Mutanabbi

by Jeff Cloves

Paging all poets

Cartoons etc

Roouminations by Donald Rooum

Jill's Defence Weekly by Jill Gibbon