Africans demand justice

IssueDecember 2020 - January 2021
News by PN staff

On 12 November, a giant 70 square metred (23-foot by 33-foot) Africans Rising banner was hung on scaffolding on the side of the houses of parliament in central London. The huge letter, launching the #ReRightHistory campaign of Africans Rising for Justice, Peace and Dignity, made four demands. It called on the government of the UK to:

  • apologise for the human cost of slavery and colonialism 
  • begin a Truth and Reconciliation process in relation to the UK’s colonial crimes 
  • cancel African debt and establish fair trade and 
  • make reparations to African nations. 

The banner was also signed by Extinction Rebellion and by the Leeds and West London branches of Black Lives Matter. The banner was hung by three activists from Action for Climate Truth and Reparation, who were arrested and held overnight. 

Topics: Global justice