Features in issue 2648 - 2649

Why we should rejoice at Holocaust deniers, not suppress them

by Norman Finkelstein

A response to the decision by Facebook and Twitter to ban Holocaust denial

Justice under threat


A new report from CAGE looks at 20 years of the Terrorism Act 2000

Act now… so what do we do?

by Dr Emily Grossman

A new scientific overview of the climate crisis ends with suggestions for action

Still rolling with the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative

by Pat Gaffney

Study sessions, days of action and a new book - an update from Pat Gaffney

The success of home ed

by Leslie Barson

New 'consultation' is driven by the state's fear of loss of control says Leslie Barson

Acts of brandalism

by Brandalism

Subvertising exposes HSBC’s climate colonialism and other crimes

Groundhog Day

by Ian Sinclair

The government’s shameful response to the second COVID surge

Unheard Jewish voices

by David Rosenberg, Jewish Voice for Labour, Truth Defence

Some responses to the recent EHRC report and the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn

Setsuko speaks

by Setsuko Thurlow

Setsuko Thurlow at the 2020 ICAN Paris Forum. PHOTO: OREL KICHIGAI/ICAN