Going to Glasgow

IssueOctober - November 2021
News by PN staff

Most of us aren’t going to COP26, but for those who are thinking about it, here’s some information that may be useful.

Walking to Glasgow

A+E (an eco-art group based at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh) are organising a Pilgrimage for COP26, ‘a walk and a learning journey’, from Dunbar to Glasgow from 17 – 31 October. Participating organisations include: Deep Time Walk Project; Interfaith Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland; John Muir’s Birthplace; North Light Arts and Scottish Dance Theatre. More info: https://tinyurl.com/peacenews3662

There is also a ‘Camino to COP26’ pilgrimage that welcomes day walkers and people who can organise their own accommodation. (They organise through WhatsApp, so you’d need a smartphone and a data contract.) You need to have a COVID test 24 hours before joining the Camino, with a negative result, and take a test every 24 hours that you’re on the pilgrimage. More info: www.caminotocop.com

There is also the Young Christian Climate Network’s #RiseToTheMoment relay walk to COP26, which was due to pass through Newcastle around 4 – 6 October. You might need to be a Christian aged 18 – 30 to take part.... (At the time of going to press, numbers of walkers were low between Berwick upon Tweed and Edinburgh.) www.yccn.uk

Bike to Glasgow

There is a seven-day ‘Ride the Change’ bike ride from London to Glasgow (24 – 31 October). £350 – not including accommodation. Registration is closed, but you can put your name down on a waiting list in case anyone drops out: www.tinyurl.com/peacenews3660

Once you get to Glasgow, there are bike rides around the city organised by Cycling Scotland and Bike for Good. These are organised rides, most afternoons (2pm – 4pm) between 2 November and 13 November. www.tinyurl.com/peacenews3661

Staying in Glasgow

The COP26 Coalition and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are organising a Homestay Network as a non-profit alternative to Airbnb and hotels in Glasgow. This will offer affordable and community-minded accommodation for the Climate Justice movement through an online network of hosts with homes across the central belt of Scotland. At the time of going to press, there were 658 host spaces available.

As a visitor, you enter details about your intended dates, activities and budget, and then communicate with hosts about your stay. (They might have an open floor, sofa or room.) Alternatively, if you have a home in the central belt, you can offer a space through the same website: www.tinyurl.com/peacenews3663

Activist spaces

The COP26 Coalition is organising Civil Society Hubs in Glasgow to offer a warm welcome where international visitors can mingle with local activists. There will be desks and meeting rooms at the Nerve Centre at the Kinning Park Complex and also at Adelaide Place. There will be a bookable studio/creative space for artists at the Dream Machine, and bookable rooms in other venues. More info: www.tinyurl.com/peacenews3664

Guide to Glasgow

Glasgow Eco-Trust and the coalition to Stop Climate Chaos Scotland are making a map of community resources and sustainable, locally-run businesses that will help delegates and activists find places to eat, shop and visit that bring value into local communities – and make them feel welcome in the city: www.tinyurl.com/peacenews3665