Features in issue 2656

Women for Peace: Banners from Greenham Common

by Thalia Campbell, Ian Campbell, Erica Smith

Erica Smith reviews a new book from Four Corners

An amnesty for state murders in Ireland?

by Robin Percival

The British government is trying to shield British soldiers and intelligence officials who killed civilians in Northern Ireland

Greenham 40

by Vanessa Ludwig

An extract from a speech at the recent event 'Greenham 40th: Feminist Peace - opposing violence, militarism and war'

Chomsky on Afghanistan: the West must co-operate with China

by Noam Chomsky, Sarvy Geranpayah

Sarvy Geranpayeh interviewed Noam Chomsky for Gulf News on 8 September

Lift the barriers to climate jobs

by FoE Scotland, Platform, Greenpeace

Unfair training costs make a Just Transition harder for oil and gas workers

The Cuban Missile Crisis – why was it a crisis?

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai reviews a flawed, fascinating, worm’s eye view of history


by Ian Sinclair

What the media and political establishment are not telling you