Listen for peace

IssueOctober 2020 - November 2020

On 23 August, an online international workshop on the role of diplomacy in crisis management was held by the Africa Centre for Training, Consulting and Communication in collaboration with Cardiff’s Atlantis Academy.

From Wales, Stephen Thomas of Hub Cymru Africa spoke about Wales as a small nation with an international impact on peace processes and human rights projects in many African countries.

Pamela Christine Evans spoke about the ‘Peace Mala’ project in Swansea as a model for establishing discussion between people of different races, ethnicities and religions.

While different cultures may express their respect in different ways, a key component of respect is to be listened to. Not being heard breeds resentment.

Even in emotion-laden debates, attentive listening with the goal of understanding the other party can de-escalate a crisis.

The workshop concluded that the way to a safe, secure world is through building trust in open, respectful communication.