Features in issue 2646 - 2647

Coming home to roost....

by Gabriel Carlyle

A climate action group experiments with Zoom campaigning

Top tips for gathering online

by Jeanne Rewa, Daniel Hunter

A brilliant new resource for the world we’re moving into

What if they can’t keep a nuclear missile sub continuously out at sea?

by Dave Cullen

Dave Cullen talks to about the Nuclear Information Service's recent report on the UK's nuclear weapons upgrades

NIS uncovers N-secrets

by PN staff

We celebrate the 20th birthday of a little-known but vital part of the peace movement

Action for a free COVID-19 vaccine

by Poppy Hosford, Devika Shenoy

Poppy Hosford and Devika Shenoy report from a campaign fighting for affordable access to the COVID vaccine for everyone across the globe

Get your oily hands off our uni

by Mahoney Goodman

Mahoney Goodman tells the story (so far) of XR Cambridge's direct action campaign for divestment

Bill please!

by Gabriel Carlyle

Gabriel Carlyle summarises the new Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

The good ship Greta

by Marnie Johnson

One part of the mass of XR actions

‘A perpetual motion machine of killing’

by David Edwards, David Cromwell

The Media Lens team survey recent reporting on claims that UK special forces executed unarmed Afghan civilians

Has BLM affected the peace movement?

by Milan Rai

PN surveyed over 100 peace activists on the impact of Black Lives Matter