Scotland’s skills

IssueOctober 2020 - November 2020
News by Kate Whitaker 

Facing job losses and growing inequality because of the pandemic, communities and workers are coming together to support those in their community who need it, demand safety at work, tackle racial injustice, and call for green jobs and well-funded public services, among other demands.

Tripod, a training co-operative, and Friends of the Earth Scotland, a climate campaigning organisation, held a series of online campaign skills workshops to support Scottish communities and campaign groups in organising effectively during this time.

The workshops, that ran from July to September, covered skills from building a group to storytelling, to media work. The sessions were attended by a wide range of organisers and campaigners from across Scotland, including union activists, climate campaigners and people working on racial justice, access to food, mutual aid and more.


Despite the technical barriers to creating participatory workshops and a sense of community, running these events online allowed people from across the country to come together, connect and share their struggles.

Many people attended most of the six workshops, meaning it was possible to build new connections and relationships — even over Zoom.

The pandemic has shown us how connected all of our struggles are. More than ever it is essential to connect with others from across different movements and stand together against injustice to fight for people and planet.

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