Helen Steel ban confirmed?

Letter by Landcamp organisers

ImageLandcamp Safer Spaces Failure Statement

Landcamp organisers are an autonomous working group that do not speak for the wider Land Justice Network as a whole or any other working group.

Landcamp organisers acknowledge that our safer spaces policy was not clear enough in process or content to be fit for purpose. We regret the confusion and agitation caused to all as a result of this.

Landcamp organisers look forward to feeding into a wider Land Justice Network safer spaces process which we hope will make clear that people involved in actively campaigning against trans rights will not be welcome at our future events.

Editor response:

We followed up with these questions, which had not received a reply by the time of going to press: Can you confirm that the decision to off-site Helen Steel was made prior to the last camp? Is it the belief of the Landcamp organisers that Helen Steel is ‘involved in actively campaigning against trans rights’?
Does the whole Land Justice Network stand by the decision of the Landcamp organisers group, and support this policy? – ed