Comments in issue 2632 - 2633

Hiroshima/Nagasaki actions

by Chris Bluemel

International fast marks anniversaries of nuclear attacks

Büchel blockades

by David Polden

Campaign to get US nukes repatriated continues

Faslane reclaimed

by PN staff

Woman held on remand for anti-nuke protest

Paris arms fair: 50 arrests

by David Polden

French arms dealers responsible for civilian deaths in Yemen

1,000 XR prosecutions

by PN staff

'International rebellion' to take place in October

6,000 block coalmine

by PN staff

Hundreds cut off coal supply to Germany’s largest coal-fired power station

A flavour of the Arabic world

by Barbara Lindsay

Barbara Lindsay

Denbighshire discuss military recruitment in schools

by Lotte Reimer

UK condemned as international outlier on child recruitment

SJOKK in Aberytwyth

by Kelvin Mason, Carol Jenkins

Radical choirs make waves in Aberystwyth

The sinister side of London

by London CAAT

Walk throws spotlight on London arms dealers