Hiroshima/Nagasaki actions

IssueAugust - September 2019
News by Chris Bluemel

Between 6–9 August, Trident Ploughshares is organising a series of anti-nuclear weapons actions in London. They will run in parallel with the international fast in commemoration of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

With tensions mounting between key nuclear weapon states, we are aiming to highlight the links in the nuclear chain today, as well as drawing attention to the enormous public and social cost of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapon system.

Among our visits will be Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s largest arms companies and manufacturer of key components of Trident. Another will be the US embassy, to show solidarity with the Kings Bay Ploughshares Seven, awaiting trial for an action at a US submarine base. (PN 2618 – 2619)

There may be spontaneous unannounced actions as well. The fast will close with lantern-lighting at the Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park.

All are welcome, and there is accommodation nearby. You don’t have to fast to take part in the actions.

Topics: Nuclear weapons