Proud battles

News in Brief

In Turkey, hundreds gathered with rainbow flags in Istanbul on 30 June despite the Pride march being banned (for the fifth year running).

They were among millions of LGBTQ people around the world celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York that began on 28 June 1969.

Istanbul Pride was broken up with tear gas by police, who arrested six people.

Earlier, on 22 June, police in the western city of İzmir arrested 17 people after the local LGBTI+ Pride Week committee publicly read out a statement condemning the fact that İzmir pride parade had been banned.

Turkish authorities have taken away the scholarships of several Middle East Technical University students who were detained during a banned LGBTI pride march at the university on 10 May. 25 students and academics were arrested in total.

The ministry of education is asking the students to pay all the tuition fees previously funded by their scholarships.

The scholarships were revoked under a law put in place to punish students involved in terrorism.

All Pride Week activities were banned in the southern provinces of Antalya and Mersin in June–July for 14 and 20 days respectively.

On the other hand, dozens of municipalities run by the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) celebrated LGBTQ Pride Day on Twitter on 28 June, circulating statements of support and a rainbow flag image. More info:

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