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Issue 2540-2541 | December 2011 / January 2012

No attack on Iran

Western and Israeli propaganda stokes fears about Iran's nuclear power programme.


Obscene amounts of money

The government boosted company profits, while increasing inequality and global hunger


Occupy diary glimpses from the north

Anna Harris on the occupations in Manchester and Bradford


Features & PN Events

The PN Kabul Winter Appeal

Help displaced Afghans this winter


Afghanistan: Ten Years On

Powerful new Peace News photo exhibition on tour


To end all wars

American writer and activist Adam Hochschild has produced a series of remarkable books: on rubber slavery in the Congo (King Leopoldís Ghost), Stalinist Russia (The Unquiet Ghost) and the British anti-slavery movement (Bury the Chains). Peace News caught up with him this November to talk about his latest book, To End All Wars, a history of the First World War with a difference.


Fukushima fallout

It's too early yet to say post-Fukushima, says Philip Steele.


Rebel Clown tickling techniques

Become a rebel clown!




Israeli military stops Gaza convoy

On 4 November, the latest attempt to break the siege of Gaza ended when Israeli defence forces (IDF) boarded two ships in international waters, before taking them to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

Drones kill "blobs in shadows"

The human reality behind the statistics


Sound & fury

Afghan "President" powerless to stop US killings


Assassination raids kill civilians

Are night raids now the main cause of civilian deaths in Afghanistan?


Census news

Refusers face trial for arms protests


Michael Lyons free

Navy medic and conscientious objector Michael Lyons was released from Colchester military prison on 9 November.

Armistice day

On 11 November, 25 people gathered on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral behind a banner “Mourn the Dead! Heal the Wounded! End the Wars!”. Pictured are Matthew Horne Iraq veteran (left), Ben Griffin Iraq and Afghanistan veteran (right), Ciaron O’Reilly, Catholic worker (centre).


Four jailed for spying on Greenpeace France

EDF employees get fines and prison sentences


Roll on Fem12

Claire Poyner reports from UK Feminista's Annual Conference


Occupy US Resists

US movement battered but not yet broken


Occupy Britain roundup

Which UK Occupations are still up and running?


Wales & Scotland

The Aviation Justice Express

British climate change activists blocked from entering the US


Covanta withdraws from “monster incinerator” scheme










Where next for the red poppy?

The amazing turnabout in fortunes which marketing has brought to the Royal British Legion’s red poppy campaign is just the beginning for the nation’s most revered bloom, thinks Welsh entrepreneur Oliver Cyboli.


Scotland and Trident: We must name the crime

The path to UK nuclear disarmament runs through Scotland, argues David MacKenzie


Olwen Davies 1924-2011

Veteran Welsh peace activist dies at 87



Visiting Afghanistan: a preparation process

Maya Evans prepares for her trip to Afghanistan


Harry Potter, resister!

Drawing lessons from fiction, with plenty of spoilers if you haven't read the whole series.


From the archives ...

Churches, schools and peace


Activism and ... Christmas

I suppose for me as a Christian activist Christmas is a particularly important time of the year.

Almost ...