On your bike

Letter by Roy St Pierre, Lancashire

ImageI think how we travel is a peace issue (think daily carnage on the roads, oil wars, pollution, global warming, dissected communities, anti-social planning developments etc) and a recent news item prompted me to write the following down to get it out my head.

Instead of banning smoking in cars, ban cars. Problem solved. Children and adults' health will be massively improved as people, especially anyone overweight, rediscover their legs whether walking, cycling or using public transport. As smokers exercise and get fit, their desire for fags will diminish too. The added bonus - we'll get our streets back for children to play and for our communities to have an open-air social life. And no more families destroyed by death or injury on the roads.

I urge you all to read The Energy Glut by Ian Roberts with Phil Edwards (Zed Books), recently reviewed in Peace News.

And for a challenging piece by Simon Gould, "How Activists Travel", go to www.roystpierre.com Select Interests, then Alternative Politics

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