COP26 Rebel Agreement

IssueOctober - November 2021
News by PN staff

XR Scotland is asking all XR rebels coming to COP26 from outside Scotland to live by a ‘Rebel Agreement’. Here are three of the five points:

  • 1) ‘We will be led by, listen to, learn from, and consult with communities at the front lines of the climate and ecological crisis: those who bear the least responsibility and suffer the greatest consequences, including Indigenous peoples, vulnerable nations of the Global South, and young people everywhere.
  • 4) ‘We will consider the impact of COP26 and of our actions on the people of Glasgow. We will consult with potentially affected communities, and avoid taking actions that disproportionately disrupt the daily lives of marginalised groups, including people of colour, disabled people, working class people, those living with poverty and homelessness, and migrants and refugees that now call Glasgow home.’
  • 5) ‘We will demand a fair and just transition for workers and communities that are currently dependent on fossil fuel and extractivist industries, while calling for global climate and ecological justice.’