Issue: 2664

February - March 2023


Top Stories

How we nearly stopped the war

by Milan Rai

What Stop the War and the direct actionists missed in 2003

Thinking with the people, not for them

by Gabriel Carlyle

Staughton Lynd, 22 November 1929 – 17 November 2022

Peace talks not tanks

by Milan Rai

Ukraine: Sunak must support negotiation not escalation

The Bomb has, to a large extent, been a racist weapon, argues Milan Rai


Britain’s hidden war in Yemen

by PN staff

British weapons, advisers and diplomatic support have contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths

Ukraine negotiations news

by PN staff

Zelenskyy's call for a Global Peace Summit is about supporting Ukraine’s war effort, not negotiating an end to the war

Aggravated Activist Day

by Milan Rai

Celebration of campaigns and community initiatives 'influenced by anarchist principles' to take place on 15 February

Police pay damages to ‘Kill the Bill’ protesters

by David Polden

Three more jailed over Bristol clashes

Free Vitaliy!

by PN staff

Ukrainian conscientious objector jailed

Palestinians resist land theft by settlers

by David Polden

UN General Assembly calls on World Court to rule on legal consequences of Israeli occupation

Palestine Action: four in prison, three acquittals, two actions

by David Polden

Campaign targeting arms to Israel still going strong


Raped British soldiers discharged after being ‘misdiagnosed’

by PN staff

Military used diagnoses to 'get rid of the problem'

Free Assange!

by PN staff

11 Feb 'Night Carnival' to take place in wake of 'Belmarsh Tribunal'

Afghanistan: ‘famine is coming’

by PN staff

Release of assets frozen by US / UK crucial to averting further catastrophe

‘Killer robots’ one step closer

by PN staff

Swarm of AI-controlled drones tested on Salisbury Plain in December 

14 climate acquittals

by PN staff

Ziegler precedent leads to not-guilty verdict in trial of Just Stop Oil campaigners

Other-ising Afghan ‘chess pieces’

by PN staff

No outrage over killing of 25 people in an illegal war

Action against Cumbrian mine

by David Polden

Eco groups file applications in high court


Terror: British nuclear threats against Iraq

by Milan Rai

Nuclear bullying of non-nuclear states is a core part of Britain's nuclear doctrine

XR: ‘We quit’ XR Peace: ‘Join us’

by PN staff

Call for groups to join 100,000-strong protest, beginning 21 April

25 years of the Mine Ban Treaty: a good news story?

by Brian Jones

Brian Jones reflects on the legacy of one of the most successful disarmament agreements in history

From a shattered jug to a church of peace

by Pat Gaffney

The latest meeting of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative brought together people from around the world

Think tanks compromised

by Padraig McCarrick

Chatham House, RUSI and IISS all accept funding from nuclear-weapons linked firms

Protect the right to strike

by PN

A window poster for 1 February


by Forces Watch

Strike-breaking: using the armed forces to undermine workers’ rights

We want our education demilitarised

by Liam Doherty

Liam Doherty reports on the students challenging arms-trade sponsored research at UK universities


Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist takes aim at 'binmenism'

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

It's time to fight for the NHS, says Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Diary: 'Maybe I'm learning to chill out?'

by Cath

Our Bentley-based cooperator wonders if she's bitten off more than she can chew

Beyond the barricades

by Ambrose Musiyiwa

The language we use to talk about migrants matters, says Ambrose Musiyiwa 

Radical Music: 'Lift every voice and sing'

by Penny Stone

'We can only be missing out by narrowing our gaze.'

How to support the strikers

by Gabriel Carlyle

Thirteen things I've learned visiting picket lines

Cartoons etc

Banner Hang by Lorna Vahey & Jen Painter

Social movements by Emily Johns