Free Assange!

IssueFebruary - March 2023
News by PN staff

People around the world continue to campaign against the extradition of Julian Assange to the US , where he faces a 175-year sentence for publishing truthful information in the public interest – US government documents revealing US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

On 20 January, campaigners in the US held ‘The Belmarsh Tribunal’, an online event bringing together a range of expert witnesses – from constitutional lawyers to acclaimed journalists and human rights defenders – to explore evidence of the attack on the free press that Julian Assange’s prosecution represents.

The event, inspired by the Russell-Sartre Tribunals of the Vietnam War, featured Stella Assange, Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Corbyn, Daniel Ellsberg, Amy Goodman and others.

In London, Don’t Extradite Assange (DEA) will be holding a Night Carnival for Julian Assange on 11 February, followed by a rally (details on p24).

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