Women in Black

IssueFebruary - March 2020
News by Pat Richardson

Borth and Aberystwyth Women in Black held a vigil on 30 November.

We were responding to a request from a local Palestinian woman whose family still lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon. She felt that Gaza and the plight of its people were forgotten in the midst of Brexit, general election campaigning and the run up to Christmas.

So we gathered on a cold morning and stood in silence with our Palestinian flags and simple placards: ‘Cofiwch Gaza’ (‘Remember Gaza’) and ‘Imagine Peace’.

Others joined the vigil and we gained much moral support and positive responses from passers-by.

The vigil was followed by Côr Gobaith singing ‘Song for Gaza’ and ‘We are the Children of Palestine’, among other songs, while collecting for Medical Aid for Palestine.

It was a particularly poignant vigil as we stood by the town’s sparkling Christmas tree, drawing attention to present-day Palestinians living in dark and dangerous times.

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