It won’t be enough

Letter by Phil Horsley, Pwllheli

Firstly, I owe you my life. My parents met selling Peace News outside the Ring O’Bells in Shipley, Yorkshire, during the war. My Dad was a CO [conscientious objector – ed], my mum would have been if she could.

I read your last paper with growing frustration.

During this election campaign, many parties are promising to address climate change by throwing money at it.

None of it will be enough. If all the campaigns are successful, they will not be enough.

The campaigns themselves know: it will not be enough.

There has to be, in the words of the ’70s, a ‘paradigm shift’. We have to work out now how to do this.

I am enclosing our first step.

Editor response: Phil enclosed ‘A Personal New Deal’ in the name of the collective, New Riders of the Open Road. He wrote: ‘Our first step as 70-year-old toddlers has been taken, A Personal New Deal. Stick it on every fridge in the land.’ The document starts: ‘We need individual revolutions as well as structural change’. It urges us, among other things, to ‘Live local, celebrate local, grow local, support local, protest local.’ – ed