Local XR is focused

Letter by Helen Porter

ImageOh Milan, why spoil a great article (‘Revolution means winning big’, PN 2626–2627) by being snippy about Extinction Rebellion in the last sentence? Wasn’t it ever this – that the most destructive criticism of any good cause always comes from within the broader movement of those with the same goals.

The people I know who are involved in XR are actually very focused and have won some real gains at local level with their local councils, as evidenced in Rebecca Elson-Watkin’s article in the same issue.

Different groups work in different, and evolving, ways, as those of you at Peace News know very well, with the strategies and attitudes that you are constantly working on developing. XR have tapped into the real urgency that people are, at last, becoming aware of.

They may work in a different way to you, and in varying ways between their various groups.

They could probably do without the older brother ‘call that a movement?’ bit.

With good wishes,

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