Comments in issue 2628 - 2629

Reasons to be cheerful, Part Two

by Milan Rai

Signs of the power of grassroots action is all around us, argues Milan Rai

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Our columnist takes on the lack of abortion rights in Northern Ireland

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

'Weapons are supposed to bring security”

Diary: 'I propose starting with study circles'

by Cath

'Is it an anarchist utopia? Of course not, don't be silly.'

Obituary: Paul Flynn: 9 February 1935 – 17 February 2019

by Nuclear Free Local Authorities

'Thinking man's Dennis Skinner' was indefatigable peace campaigner

Radical music: 'Solo es nuestro deseo ... acabar con el fascismo'

by Penny Stone

'So comrades come rally, for this is the time and place'

Case Study: Peru, 1918–1919

by Lekey Leidecker

Workers’ general strike wins eight-hour day